Our Story

Standing with Imagination, Innovation, Ingenuity (i3)

Over the years, we’ve grown with bigger ambition.

The i3 values is what we stand by with every project we work on, and knowing that we have the potential to affect the Internet is what gets us out of the bed every morning.

Story of HEXA Singapore Pte Ltd.

HEXA Singapore was founded by Kelvin Yong in 2014 to provide website design and development services. Over the years, the team expanded and gained a remarkable breadth of experience in the information technology and system integration fields.

Four years later, in 2018, the company was incorporated as a private entity to establish proper corporate structures to support our growth.

During our growth, we expanded our range of expertise from solely website design and development to extensive API integrations and anything in between. We’ve grown to a team of experts around the world that want to contribute on building a better Internet.

We’re positioned to understand the technology ecosystem by having the opportunity to work with various companies from different industries. With this, we want to work to influence the trends and focus building solutions that make technologies work for you.

Vision Statement

To improve work processes through efficiency and productive solutions.

Mission Statement

Incorporating imagination, innovation, and ingenuity into your corporation.

The way we approach project.

What makes us different is our culture and mentality when approaching project.


Your ideas, we imagined.


We imagine, we innovated.


We innovate, we handcrafted.

On a mission to build better Internet.

We believe that we can contribute to building a better Internet by putting quality technologies online. This ranges from our rendered services and engineered products.

The exceptional people at HEXA Singapore shares the same vision together, and we’re looking for Talents to join us. Do you have what it takes to be a part of our team?

Let's make something together.

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