WordPress vs. Wix

Published on May 6, 2021

In today’s connected world, having an online presence for your company or interests is important, but which platform is better for you? If you’re just getting started and wondering…
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How do I make a website?

You would’ve come across WordPress and Wix when doing your research. Which is more convenient to use? In the world of Internet, who works better and is right for you?

The first aspect to grasp is that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), while Wix is a website builder.

  • WordPress: Has a backend infrastructure that allows you to access a variety of content such as email lists, subscriptions, video connections, and more.
  • Wix: Mainly used to assist users with instantly and efficiently creating a website and hosting it online.

Another thing to keep in mind about WordPress is that it has two domains:

  • WordPress.com: Is a website-building domain that requires a subscription. You create an account and use it to build and host your website.
  • WordPress.org: Gives you complete power of your website. You’re in charge of hosting your own and can use any of the open-source applications. This contains a wide range of themes, plugins, and other tools to help you improve your website.

There are numerous other important distinctions between the two systems. We’ll clarify some of them and compare them in this article, so you can make a more educated decision.


When deciding whether to use WordPress or Wix, the easy-of-use is a major selling point. Is it possible for someone to create a website using Wix? Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner? However, the functionality of the site can be impacted by its easy-of-use. Let’s take a look at each one separately:

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Easy-of-Use & Functionality

Wix is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software framework. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is large and easy to use, making it simple to define the various features and resources you’ll use to create your website.

The Wix Editor’s functionality is inferior to that of WordPress. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly for inexperienced web designers. There are enough tools on Wix to make a good website.

The available templates allow users to see how a website could look and encourage them to design something practical and user-friendly.

When you first come across WordPress, it can be a bit overwhelming. There is a logic to remember and a somewhat steeper learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, creating websites with WordPress is a breeze.

Wix takes the lead here in terms of ease-of-use due to WordPress’s steeper learning curve.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Drag and Drop (DnD) is available on both platforms. This is a very user-friendly method for creating websites, particularly if you’re new to the game.

Wix’d DnD framework is built-in; it is the foundation upon which Wix is built. The flexibility of dragging an image onto your website prototype or dragging a text box is shown in Wix’s ads:

Wix’s templates and DnD framework enable you to get a website up and running in under an hour.

Gutenberg is a versatile Block Editor included with WordPress. This is where you can add different types of blocks to the page, such as a Text Block, a Photo and Caption Block, and so on.

This system is not as user-friendly as Wix’s DnD, but it does have more website customization options. To see the updates you’ve made, you’ll need to update the preview on your website. This can be unsettling, especially if you’re a visual person.

Once again, Wix beats WordPress on this one.


Themes are what brings your website its aesthetic appeal. When a user lands on your front page, the colour, form, and style all catch their attention. Do you want your website to be vibrant and colourful? What about something gloomy and moody? Is it possible to create a pattern that represents your brand or your target market?

Wix offers a variety of themes to pick from, but you can only use the ones that they present to you. You’ll find over 900 themes to choose from, all of which you can only change the tone, imagery, and customize to suit your needs.

However, after you’ve selected your theme and launched your website, you won’t be able to change it again. If you’re rebranding or making significant improvements to your websites, you’ll need to start from scratch.

WordPress outperforms Wix by a country mile when it comes to themes. There are over 50,000 free themes to choose from, or you can opt for a paid theme that comes with support from the theme’s creators.

You may also hire a developer to create a personalized WordPress theme for your company and website.

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You can simply change the theme in the backend of your website if you decide to rebrand or discover a new theme in the future. If you’ve done your job correctly, all the elements can carry over to the new style. If something does go wrong, a few tweaks from a WordPress expert will get the site back up and running in no time.

Many domain owners enjoy the right to completely configure their theme and website. Though it’s rare that you’ll be able to sync themes with another Wix customer, it’s never impossible.

If you choose an original WordPress theme or one of the 50,000+ themes available, the chances of making a fashion are greatly reduced.

When it comes to themes, WordPress much outclasses Wix.


Plugins are practical and interactive tools that you can add to your website.

Apps for booking meetings and reviewing schedules, as well as apps to promote contact with your customers, will all be streamed to your website. They offer the website more personality and features.

Wix has an Apps Marketplace where you can connect only a few hundred apps to your website. The essentials are all there, organized into six major categories including Marketing, Sell Online, and Services & Events. If you’re using Wix’s free edition, the Sell Online options are restricted, and your domain will not become an e-commerce site.

They’re plugin-and-play apps, which means they’ll integrate easily for the website. Since you’re inside the Wix app and using Wix-approved apps, this makes sense.

WordPress, on the other hand, has thousands upon thousands of tools and plugins to help you improve and customize your website. If there’s something you like on your website, there’s also a plugin for it somewhere online.

You can also fine-rune the requirements using the numerous WordPress plugins available. With Wix, you must make use of what they have. With WordPress, you have a wide variety of plugins and apps to select from.

This freedom to customize and the amount of plugin available, puts WordPress ahead of the pack in this category.

Open vs. Closed Source Codes

What does this imply, and what does it imply for you as a website owner?

WordPress is free and open source. This allows anyone with a basic understanding of programming to create custom functions for the WordPress website.

Do you want to create a vibrant theme? Go ahead to do so. You’re free to make whatever you want.

Wix is a closed-course software. You are only limited to the apps, themes, and features that Wix approve. It would not be possible for you to make your own and use it on your Wix website.

Which is easier is a matter of personal preference. What you’re looking for should already be available in the App Marketplace, so you don’t need to write your own.

WordPress vs. Wix: Which Is Better For Blogging

Your blog is the foundation of every comprehensive content strategy. Since you refresh your website with blog material on a daily basic, Google loves you and recognizes you as an active website.

You can use the blog posts in your backlink campaigns as well as link internally, which is useful for SEO. So, which of these two platform is better for blogging and posting?

Is Wix Better For Blogging?

Wix comes with a blogging tool that you can use to build your website. It does not, though, provide as many features as WordPress.

The GUI for writing blogs differs somewhat from the one used to create the website. Blogging can be more difficult due to the drag-and-drop aspect of the website development.

However, getting everything up and running is beneficial. You can get used to the blog’s features over time.

Wix’s Pros & Cons

✅ Wix is simple to use and understand for beginners; you just move bits into the screen or off if you don’t want them.❌ Closed course; you only have a limited range of choices.
✅ There are several free templates available to assist you in getting started with your concept.❌ Your SEO will suffer if you use the free domain.
✅ A well-organized and well-designed marketplace for all of your applications.❌ Difficult to truly customize your online experience.
✅ Plans for website and e-commerce are reasonably priced.
✅ Domain and hosting taken care of for you.

Is WordPress Better For Blogging?

WordPress started off as a blogging medium until evolving into a full-fledged CMS and website builder. The GUI for designing blogs is identical to that for creating the rest of your website, so familiarity breeds progress.

Using the example from the previous part, you can get plugins that check your text for grammar and readability. On WordPress, what you can do with a single blog post much outweighs what you can do with one in Wix.

WordPress’s Pros & Cons

✅ The “full” version with all the software you need is included in the free version.❌ Before you start, you’ll need to purchase a domain and hosting.
✅ You can choose from a large number of themes and plugins for your website.❌ Too many plugins will cause your site to slow down.
✅ There are thousands of themes to choose from, both free and paid.❌ You could be vulnerable to a cyber attack if you don’t keep the themes and plugins up to date.
✅ E-commerce functionality that is easy to set up and use.❌ Your website theme can be broken if you customize it too much.
✅ There are a few powerful SEO tools that are also easy to use.

WordPress vs. Wix: Which Is Better For E-Commerce

Wix E-Commerce

If you’re using Wix, you’ll have to pay to access the e-commerce features. Basic e-commerce solutions are included with business plans starting at US$18 a month. The most expensive kit is US$38 a month.

You’ll need to use Wix Apps for e-commerce. Wix deducts a percentage of each purchase, which can add up quickly as the online shop grows in popularity. You may also use a third-party payment system, such as PayPal, to accept payments.

Wix’s e-commerce is a good option for beginners. It guides you through the configuration procedure. Because of its ease-of-use, Wix is used by many small companies to launch their online projects. When they succeed and mature, they begin to evolve into something more durable.

Wix’s e-commerce includes the following features:

  • Shopfront and e-commerce website
  • Store Management
  • Store Analytics
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Product Pages
  • Marketing and SEO

Wix has also added a new way to upgrade your e-commerce capabilities. Your Wix shop will now be linked to your Amazon.com account.

This increases the reach of your target audience and the strength of your Wix website by combining it with the world’s largest online shop. It’s now only available in the United States, but it’s planning to be phased out globally in the future.

You can’t sell digital products on Amazon; only actual products can be sold there, and you’ll need a Business Unlimited Premium Plan to connect to Amazon.com. Furthermore, you can only connect one Wix site to a single Amazon account.

Wix makes connecting to your Amazon simple and straightforward.

WordPress E-Commerce

WordPress’ e-commerce is primarily driven by WooCommerce, a well-known plugin. It’s arguably the most popular e-commerce plugin on the planet. You can configure WooCommerce to suit your store, your style, and to do almost everything you want it to do thanks to the open-source aspect of all WordPress applications.

This is tricky when it comes to the list of WooCommerce functions. Since it is open source, the capabilities are limited only by the creativity. However, there are several characteristics that may be present:

  • More than 400 official extensions to the base app.
  • Fits with any WordPress theme.
  • Product sorting and filtering.
  • Product ratings and reviews.
  • An unlimited number of products, images, and galleries.
  • Built-in payment processing.
  • Shipping options.
  • Inventory management.
  • SEO integration.
  • Reporting galore.

The list goes on and on. Wix is catching up, but when it comes to powering the e-commerce, WooCommerce has a leg up.

What Is The Cost of WordPress vs. Wix

To start, Wix is completely free. You can sign up for a free account and create a website. Of necessity, there are limitations to this. Your domain is username.wixsite.com, which is Wix-branded URL. This may not be a challenge for the ordinary person, but it may damage SEO and make companies seem unprofessional.

Prices start at US$10 a month for your domain and hosting, plus subscriptions to paid extensions and more.

If you want a company e-commerce, a starter package will set you back US$18 per month.

Please keep in mind that these rates provide website hosting. This is crucial to remember. What is the reason for this?

WordPress is a free piece of software to use, but you’ll need your domain and web hosting to get it up and running. This can be difficult if you’re to building a website.

According to some market researches, a “.com” domain will cost US$21.99 per year. For US$29 a month, you can get an ultimate WordPress hosting plan from the same website.

You will get a wide range of rates if you look around. Premium web hosts are more expensive, but they have more functionality and after-sales support.

When comparing these two website bundles, another “cost” to consider is time. Wix is a platform that allows you to quickly and conveniently create a website. As previously said, you can have a perfectly decent website created by you in under and hour.

The time it takes to create a website for WordPress, including navigating the back-end menus, may be much longer than with Wix. Since the end product is more sophisticated and scientific, how much time did it take you to get there?

The Choice Is Yours

Wix is a fantastic place for new web designings to launch. When you’re a small company, you’ll find ample range, themes, and extra features to do what you need to do.

WordPress will be a nice choice after you’ve been in business for a few years, your company has expanded, and you’re willing to pay someone to build you a bigger and better website.

WordPress is more difficult to use, but it is also more effective and powerful. Wix would be ideal for certain users, and that is just how it is aimed at.

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